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For most of us, competing for thousands of dollars in front of huge TV audiences is little more than a pipe dream, but televised poker gives us a window into the high stakes world of the poker pro. Catching your favourite players as they whisk through the schedules can be an arduous task, particularly when poker shows are often tucked away late at night. allows you to watch the best players in the world at the most prestigious tournaments, whenever it suits you. They are the official site for all of PokerStars TV shows, as well as plenty of other broadcasts. If togel Singapore has anything to do with a show, you can expect to find it on

You can catch poker video coverage of major tournaments on Right now you can watch the final table of the Bounty Shootout at the NAPT LA. David Williams, Scott Baldwin, and Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi are among the pros featured. Events like the PCA, EPT, and WCOOP all have video content on the site and each has their own dedicated channel. Just pick the event of your choice from the handy list and you’ll be taken to a page that catalogues every video from that event.

There are video blogs and interviews with updates from current tournaments too. As we speak, reporters are gathering info on the scoops at EPT Deauville for their latest broadcasts. As 2011 progresses, expect to see more coverage from the hottest events.

One of the most watched poker shows in the world is High Stakes Poker and you can catch new episodes of the show on See everyone from Doyle Brunson to durrrr duke it out for massive wads of cash. Pokerstars game shows like Million Dollar Challenge and The Big Game are also featured, alongside shows from abroad like the Joe Hachem fronted, The Poker Star.

If, after watching some videos, you’re itching to start playing, there are links to download PokerStars on the page ready to be clicked. You can also sync it to your facebook account, so your friends will know which videos you liked the most.

There are little to no other official ways to watch such a wide range of poker content online. Poker fanatics could spend literally hours combing through the selection. So, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to that episode of ESPN Inside Deal I have paused.



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