Hunting Season has Started at bwin toto hk!

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It’s hunting season at bwin Poker and they’re ready to give awesome prizes to the best hunters. Hunters will hopefully be supplied with bullets to go out onto the virtual felt and hunt ducks. These hunters will be given instructions on how exactly their bullets must pierce the ducks to win the reward. Low stakes hunters will be given different prizes than their higher stakes counterparts.

Throughout hunting season at bwin toto hk , players will have different scenarios given to them for their pocket aces or bullets to beat on pocket deuces or ducks. Players will be rewarded in tickets to Freeroll tournaments, bonus money, or even hundreds of dollars instantly (no clearing necessary).


The promotion is best explained through an example. During the first week, August 22nd through August 28th, Bullets must simply beat Ducks without either hand improving on the board. With such an easy task at hand, the reward is a ticket to the restricted Hunting Season Freeroll tournament on Sunday, September 4th, at 20:00 (GMT +2). Low stakes players will enter the $5,000 Hunting Season Freeroll while Mid/High stakes players will be entered into a $10,000 Hunting Season Freeroll.


The promotion culminates during the week of September 5th through September 11th. During that week, players must use their pocket aces to make quads and beat trip or quad deuces. This task may sound very difficult, but the prize is great. Bwin Poker will reward players that accomplish this feat with cold-hard cash: $100 for low stakes players and $200 for mid/high stakes players. Hunting has never had such great prizes!


Run into the fields and go duck hunting at bwin Poker with your pocket bullets, rockets, or whatever you like to call pocket aces. Beating pocket deuces has never felt so good.


Titan Poker Hosts Heads-Up Tournament


Titan Poker is celebrating their sixth anniversary with a special heads-up tournament where all players will be allowed to compete. There will be two phases to the Heads-Up championship. During the first phase, all players will be allowed to compete in 24-hour points races to earn a spot in the heads-up bracket. The second phase consists of the actual heads-up tournament.

Titan Poker will hold 24-hour points races that will decide which players earn a spot on the heads-up bracket. There will be eight 24-hour races per division: two each week (on Sundays and Tuesdays) from September 4th to September 27th. Each division will be separated according to VIP levels. Prize pools differ depending on VIP level. For example, bronze players will be competing for $200 prize pools in their rake races while Titanium players will compete for $1,000 prize pools. With eight rake races and four divisions, a total of 32 players will advance to the heads-up bracket.


The second phase of the Heads-Up championship consists of the actual heads-up tournament. Each division will have three rounds of competition. The winner of each division will move onto the Semi-Final match-ups. The two semi-final winners will compete against each other in the heads-up championship for a chance to win $3,000!


The first phase starts this Tuesday and all tournament players (especially heads-up specialists) should look into taking part in this awesome promotion. It’s basically a fun twist on a freeroll tournament. Good luck on the virtual felt!



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