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Baseball has always attracted the attention of sports lovers and which has made betting in this game quite popular. Betting in the game of baseball has turned out to be quite popular among the bookmakers and most of them are offering the option. So, take a look at some of the basic aspects of baseball betting.

Basics and Types

The most basic aspect of baseball betting is wagering on the straight up game result, without considering the option of points spread. In order to make sure that more money is placed or wagered on the favorite side or team, bookmakers make use of the money line, and this is how the basic of baseball betting works. Now, what are the types of baseball betting? Take a look:

Money Lines: This is the simplest kind of betting in which you have to guess which team would win the match. The payout rate usually remains around -110.

Run Lines: In this type of bet, you have to place your wager on a team with a fixed point spread.

Over/ Unders: In this type, the bookmaker set a figure as total points scored by both the teams and you have to guess whether the actual score would be over or under the set figure.

Point Spreads: This type of bet comes with exaggerated odds and that often attracts more players.

Grand Salamis: This is quite similar to over/unders, but this bet is placed before the game begins and the combined score is considered.

First Five Innings: This sort of bet is for those bettors who do not wish to get into the technicalities of betting odds calculation; just place your bet on any aspect related to the first five innings of the game.

Strategy or Tips

There are four main Slot Online Terpercaya aspects of baseball betting strategy, they are – picking winners, pricing, bankroll management, and record keeping. For picking winners, it is better to go for favorites that have been priced low, as it improves your winning odds by 50%. When it comes to pricing, it is better to compare the return value or payout rate offered by the different bookmakers. It is usually better to place your bet at three different betting sites. And, the rest two aspects are common to any other casino games.

Top 3 Baseball Betting Sites

Below are the top three sites to go for:


Sports Betting

Bet Online

Top 3 Baseball Betting Apps

Some of the top baseball betting apps:


Sports Betting App