Sligo Men in the Finals of 50,000 Euro, All-Ireland Slot Gacor Finals

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A battle for a prize pool of 50,000 Euros, will take place between two Sligo men, in the All-Ireland Slot Gacor final, at Dublin. The two men ar Paul Roper from Cliffoney and Paddy O’Connor from Sligo. reprots:

They’ve qualified from the Boylesport regional heats in Sligo and will be up against 500 finalists. Paul Rober, who’s already done well in the World Series in Las Vegas, thinks that he’s got a good chance and may even turn professional.

Convergence of Internet Technology and Economic and Political Developments Serve to Level the Global Business Playing Field

Thomas Friedman is the best selling author of the book “The World is Flat”. In this book he talks about the convergence of Internet technology with political and economic developments. He speaks about how these forces have together leveled the global business playing field. The book also lays stress on how focal a role Indians have played in this process. Although it does not mention the name of Anurag Dikshit, the software expert, who made the platform for It is noteworthy that PartyPoker leaped up to become the world’s busiest card-playing web site. It enabled thousands of players world-wide, to compete in real time and virtual tables. This site created a vast industry with thousands of jobs along with an 11-figure valuation of stocks, for its shareholders.

Global Growth Potential Puts PartyGaming in an Upward Move

With an increasing global growth potential and high entry barriers for online poker, PartyGaming is all said to reap benefits. There is an expectation that the strong Black Jack “click through”, will continue in IH with strong year-on-year growth. reports:

Sees 20% 06 EPS growth and reckons IH may see 25% growth. “Launches of PartyCasino and Mobile Games, along with continued poker market growth, see forecast risks on the upside,” it says.

Due to a Threat From Neighboring States With Regard to Taxes and Increasing Competition, West Virginia May Be Next State to Legalize Poker

In the United States, there are 26 states in which casinos with tables games are legal. This year, West Virginia may add to this list and become the 27th state, with legal casino games. West Virginia is one of 33 states that allows only slots or video gaming. Legislation with regard to adding table games in casinos, has failed in the last 2 years. This is the third time and it might get passed. This is envisaged as there is increasing competition from neighboring states. Robert D. Marshall Jr., president of Wheeling Island Racing and Gaming Center, said that everyone in the casino business would be lobbying hard for this. Towards the east, Pennsylvania will put in 37,000 slot machines in 14 different locations. One of these is in Pittsburgh, that is hardly an hour away from Wheeling Island Racetrack and Gaming Center. reports:

Marshall estimates that when Pennsylvania comes online- the gaming board has until the end of 2006 to hand out licenses – West Virginia will lost $160 million a year in taxes. Marshall’s track will lost $40 million alone.


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