Online Togel Hongkong casinos – are they honest?

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Perhaps the most asked questions pertaining to gambling on the Net – are online casinos honest? Will I get cheated? Will I get paid?

Simply put, people are afraid that they will be cheated out of their money by the next big “scam” and they don’t want to be one of those people.

First, it was credit-card scams – but since then millions of people have purchased online goods without much hassle – and credit card information, despite many reports to the contrary, is generally safe online.

Then it was personal information, such as address, telephone number, age etc. that was purportedly being used by and/or sold to others, in some cases by very large companies such as, which provides the ads for a great majority of the sites on the Net. And yet again, I wish to point out that your information is generally safe – in fact the Federal Trade Commission recently dropped their investigation into Doubleclick’s activities.

Now it’s online gambling. All sorts of governmental agencies and personnel are just hoping to make online gambling their ride to the big-time – a star to hang their hat on. And guess what? Surprise, surprise… there aren’t any stars in the making – only fools.

So, you ask, why do I always seem to be losing?

Let’s start with the basics. Every casino in the WORLD, online or land-based, offers games which give the house an edge. No matter what you do, you generally can’t beat that edge. Casinos always make money. Gamblers as a whole always lose money. That’s the way the system works.

Obviously some people are winning when they hit jackpots, or they apply the proper strategy to a particular game and QUIT when they are ahead. The longer you play, the more likely it is that you will be donating to the casino’s bottom line.

Ironically, few people, if any, ever complain about losing when they buy lottery tickets – where the house – in most cases a state government – has a HUGE edge over the gambler. Why aren’t gamblers complaining that the lottery is rigged?

Are there any crooked casinos online? Yes, there probably are. Not many, mind you – there are always a few Togel Hongkong renegades in every industry. Just like there are cons in the stock market, or shops which sell you low-quality goods.

If you stick to other people’s experiences, you will soon figure out which casinos are fair and honest and which are debatable.

It’s one thing when someone complains about losing. It’s another thing entirely when a seasoned gambler who keeps statistics and knows the law of averages hints that perhaps a casino, or a particular game within the casino, appears to be unfair.

Lastly, one more caveat – Gamble for entertainment – if you don’t enjoy it, don’t gamble. Most people I know, when they go to Vegas, take a fixed sum for gambling, and they either lose that sum or win a little bit. And I guarantee you they aren’t going there if they don’t think they will enjoy the trip.

Online casinos are fair and honest for the most part. If you stick to the Big Four software manufacturers (Boss Media, Cryptologic, Microgaming and Starnet) you shouldn’t have to worry about the fairness of the games themselves – the only thing you need to look into is their reputation for support and prompt payments.

Relax. Enjoy your gambling. Try out some of the casinos with a small amount of money that you aren’t going to miss.

Then you’ll learn for yourself that online gambling is fair and fast – and here to stay.




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