One idea for how slot onlain sites can improve the customer experience

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Disclaimer – there’s no value-add in this idea. Just a fun thing for a segment of the player population.

Here it is: Theme songs.

Let each player upload a 30-sec (20-sec? 10-sec?) clip of the song of their choice, to be played when they enter a table. Plus, perhaps the winner of a pot would get to shoot his song out to the rest of the table. Wouldn’t work for SNG and tournament tables, but it might make cash games a little more fun.

My choice when entering a table: The “Big Time” Mashup over at BuccaneerMike’s slot onlain.

My choice when winning a pot: “Next Contestant”, spcifically, the part that goes, “I’ll make you leave here limping.”

Gift for the degenerate gambler

Visited the home-folks this weekend and dropped by my Mother’s gift shop. I saw the ceramic bank pictured below and knew I had to blog it:

Gallbladder Update

My doc called this morning to confirm that the HIDA scan said my gallbladder was not functioning and surgery was necessary. Going for a surgical consult later this week.

Sucks on a lot of levels, not the least of which is that I’m in a new job – I’m ok on insurance, but not ok on personal time-off hours and I don’t qualify for short-term disability until the end of May. So, let’s just hope the surgeon is able to find my gallbladder amongst my blubber laproscopically so he doesn’t have to open me up. The difference in recovery time is less than 1 week compared to 4-6. That’s going to be a long time to go without a paycheck. I’ve been an absolute paid-post whore over at my diet blog, trying to grab as much as I can just in case.

God’s day off

Just got home from a meeting at church for all the parents of First Communion candidates. We were there to be hectored about bringing our children to church every Sunday after they make their First Communion, rather than take the next 6 yrs off until it’s time for Confirmation. During the lecture, the pastor asked rhetorically, “You may want a day off, but what would happen if God took a day off?”

“Thirty-three kids would get killed,” I whispered, under my breath.

Responding to reader comments

To my post celebrating the most dominant athletics program in the country:

Wolverine Fan said…

Say good-bye to your coach.

Yes, Larry Shyatt, Donovan’s defensive mastermind, who has been a head coach before (most recently at Clemson) is back on the coaching radar.

What? Not the coach you were thinking of?

To my post showcasing the poker wisdom of Bucklox:

TripJax said…

I’ve watched a couple of his videos. He has to be joking right??

It’s genius if he is…

Yes, I thought the first Bucklox video I was posted was fer-real. But I think this one makes it clear that this is a great joke. Not the over-the-top hilarity of Bill Filmaff, but a more subtle humor that pokes fun at the geniuses.

To my Open Post about Counter-Intuitive Poker Strategy:

WindBreak247 said…

Hilarious post. Sadly, 100% correct as well.

If I may…

1.When all three cards on the flop are not face cards, your AK is most certainly the nuts. Make sure to get it all-in right here.

  1. TPTK/2 pair is always good. Sets? What are sets??
  2. Don’t raise those aces. If you win, you’re a genius. If you lose, you can tell everyone about it.

Man, Aces are shitty. What do you think, after all, it’s only a pair. NEVER raise with aces!


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