MMOG While You Sleep for Slot Online

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This game utility beefs up your characters prowess while you are at or away from your computer. Compatible with many RPGs, MMOGs and MMORPGs.

QuinWorks, LLC today announced the release of MMOGer (pronounced “mogger”) for use with RPGs, MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) and MMORPGs. Normally, when playing these types of games, you are required to type and re-type commands over and over again. This can be tedious and diminishes from the overall enjoyment in playing these kinds of games.

Enter, MMOGer. This PC-based utility takes the tedium out of offline and online agen slot online  gameplay by mimicking keyboard commands you would normally have to type yourself. In this way, it allows you to beef up your online characters while you are at, or away from, your computer.

“Obviously, the whole point in playing RPGs, MMOGs and MMORPGs is for the control and role-playing aspect. We don’t want to take away from that… only enhance the experience. After all we play these games ourselves,” says Tyler Mecham, Lead Programmer at QuinWorks. “Using MMOGer has only made our commitment to the games we play that much greater.”

The release of MMOGer (, marks the opening of the QuinWorks software store. Future software releases will focus on online gaming and related areas of interest. sends a player to the World Series of Poker

The poker site is sending the winner of its online satellite tournament to the WSOP in Las Vegas. The first prize in the World Series of Poker 2002 is expected to be $2 million. is sending one of its poker players to enter the world’s biggest poker tournament, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas. The event will be televised in the US and shown internationally.

Donald Stoner, Atlanta, won the online tournament at First prize was a trip to Las Vegas and a paid $10,000 entry fee to the

championship event in the 2002 WSOP. The first prize in the 2002 WSOP $10,000 buy-in no-limit Texas Hold’em event is $2,000,000. More information on the WSOP can be found at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino


The WSOP Super Satellite was held on April the 20th 2002. Out of the 287 participants entering the Super Satellite Donald Stoner came out as the winner after almost three hours of play.

“I’m very fired up about winning the tourney. I’ve read several books and I have always wanted to someday play in the WSOP. I feel like I played well but also got very good cards, especially at the end. There’s no doubt that anyone who made it to the final twenty or so was a good player capable of winning.” said Donald Stoner regarding his victory.

On the 20th of May Donald Stoner enters the first day of the 4 day WSOP championship tournament, the last event of the 2002 WSOP. Donald Stoner’s

success in the World Series of Poker can be followed online at, (

“I’ve read several additional books on tournament poker and feel like I’m ready. My personal goal is to at least make it through the first day. Anything after that would be gravy. It’s a little intimidating playing with all the professionals and serious amateur players, but I’m going to try and play confidently and smart aggressively. If you play passively, you are in trouble.” explains Donald Stoner on his expectations of his entry in the WSOP championship event.

Oscar Hornell, Information Officer of, states “We are very happy to be able to give one of our players the opportunity to participate in the World Series of Poker. Online poker tournaments are growing in

popularity and we’ll see an increased number of big poker tournaments at in the future.” has over 200,000 registered players and is the world’s most popular “no-download” online poker room. The games offered at are Texas Hold’em, Texas Hold’em tournaments and multi-player Black Jack.





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