Lucky Emperor Slot Joker123 Casino – Review

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“Yes, Grasshopper… although you knew not your father, he was a noble man. His wisdom was known far and wide throughout the land, and beggars and rich men alike worshipped him. His legend will last for eternity; his gift to us all was hope. For he was known as the Lucky Emperor… and in you we see his likeness, young Grasshopper.”

OK… perhaps I watched one too many episodes of “Kung Fu” starring David Carradine – probably shows my age too – but there’s no escaping the uncanny similarity that the Lucky Emperor bears to our favorite Grasshopper.

47 of the best games from the Microgaming stable await you here at the Lucky Emperor Casino – from the well-known progressive slots to the immensely popular Power Poker games… along with your usual favorites, you will undoubtedly find more than a few games to your liking here.

Lucky Emperor also boasts a unique slot, Oriental Fortune, which can only be found here. A 5-reel, 5-line payout slot, Oriental Fortune looked like an interesting proposition for beginning my foray into this casino. I chose to play $1 per bet, which for 5 lines meant a total bet of $5 per spin.

At first glance, I had visions of Winning Wizards, the now-famous original 5-reel slot from Microgaming. But it’s totally different – the payouts are set differently, and Oriental Fortune also has a wild card which is a rendering of a young Chinese lady.

After about 20 spins, with mixed results, that young lady paid off for me big-time, when I lined up three dragons and the young lady for a hefty payout of 200 coins. Some of you may remember from a recent review that I am a dragon in the Chinese horoscope… and so lately it seems that the dragons have been very lucky for me!

Ahead 144 units after Oriental Fortune, I went in search of something with a dragon… and discovered the Golden Dragon slots… a 3-reel, 5-line slot, strangely enough, and of course the Golden Dragon is wild. But about 50 spins later, found myself down 44 units… such is the nature of the beast (pardon the pun)!

Off in search of another game, I bumped into a Crazy Chameleon – who casually confided to me that he was a close cousin of the Dragon, so off I went in search of more riches. And to my great surprise, he was indeed a chameleon – because it turned out to be almost the exact same game as Oriental Fortune – a 5-line, 5-reel slot, with a wild card and similar payouts. So I launched into this game with real enthusiasm, remembering the luck I’d had on Oriental Fortune…

… only to discover that this Crazy Chameleon was alike in every way but one – he kept all my money!

I went off to have a little chat with the Lucky Slot Joker123 Emperor… wanting him to have a little word with the Crazy Chameleon to keep him in check. He agreed and told me in the meantime to go check out the Power Poker corner… being one of my favorite games, I readily agreed, and settled on Jacks or Better Power Poker.

After about an hour of play, I discovered that perhaps the Lucky Emperor had favored me with sage advice, for I ended the session ahead. Considering the poor streak of luck I had been experiencing over the months, perhaps this was a sign that things were about to change.

So I decided to give Aces and Faces Power Poker a shot. Some of you will recall I hit my only royal flush on the normal Aces and Faces video poker some time ago, so there is always a soft spot in my heart for this game. In Aces or Faces, you trade off full payouts on a flush or full house for higher payouts on any four of a kind… and true to form, within minutes I had my first four of a kind – and a little later cashed out 250 units ahead.

Not bad for an hour’s play – an overall profit of 300 units. Transaction processing is by Proc-Cyber-Services, so I have no worries here. 24-hour customer support is available by phone and email – another good sign.

I bade the Lucky Emperor goodbye, with a promise to return – and you too, Grasshopper, can reap the pearls of wisdom and potential riches of a visit to the Lucky Emperor Casino. But watch out for that Crazy Chameleon!



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