Leading Republican Candidates Oppose Online link vao w88

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The Republican primary race continues to be the main story in the American media, with the candidates exchanging blows and fighting to win the delegates of the different states in their race to the presidency. The leading candidates have stated, or hinted at their opposition to legalized online gaming and only a long shot libertarian candidate would support the issue.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, who yesterday won a majority of the Republican votes cast in caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado and in the Missouri primary calls online gaming “dangerous for our country.”

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, was interviewed by news station ‘8newsnow,’ which concluded its article by stating: “Romney also said he doesn’t support legalizing online gaming. He’s says he’s against it because of the social costs and people’s addictive gambling habits.”

In an interview on the “Face to Face” program with Jon Ralston in Las Vegas, Romney was asked if he supported legalized online gaming:

“No, I’m not (a supporter). Gaming has a social effect on a lot of people. I don’t want to increase access to gaming and feel that we have plenty of access to gaming right now through the various casinos and establishments that exist. In some states, there are lotteries that are used to fund their schools and budgets and so forth, and I don’t think online gambl… gaming would encourage or improve that setting.”

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich has strong ties with Sheldon Adelson, the casino and hotel magnate who has been the only casino industry figure to state his opposition to online gambling. link vao w88 doesn’t believe available technology is good enough to prevent young people from making wagers on the Internet. According to media reports, Gingrich has adopted Adelson’s opposition to proposals for legalized online gaming.

That leaves only libertarian Republican congressman Ron Paul. Interviewed on “Face to Face”, the Congressman was asked directly about legalized online gaming, and he said: “I think people should have legalized freedom. People should be free and make their own decisions. There should be no regulation on the Internet.”

President Barack Obama, a Democrat, has not spoken out as to whether he approves online poker or not, but most speculate that he is a supporter.

No More November Nine

The schedule for the 2012 World Series of Poker has yet to be announced but already one important detail about the Main Event has been leaked to the media.

“A few hints on WSOP schedule coming tomorrow…you won’t find the November Nine returning.”

This was the tweet sent out by @WSOP, the official source for World Series of Poker updates and news.

The November Nine was a term that referred to the Main Event’s Final Table being staged in November, a few months after the Main Event had played and its field narrowed down to just nine players.

The original intention of staging the Final Table in November was to increase the suspense for the television audience. Critics claimed, however, that the November event did not increase public interest in the event. The extended break also crushed hopes of players “on a run” to continue all the way through the early stages of the tournament to the coveted WSOP bracelet.

@WSOP also tweeted:

“The WSOP Main Event this year will be 3 days shorter without compromising structure at all.”


“Another good change coming to WSOP in 2012…no off day during Main Event.”


“The 43rd Annual WSOP will take place from May 27 to July 16, 2012.”

The full schedule of the 2012 World Series of Poker is due to be released later today.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Final Table will be held in two stages. Because of the American elections in November, the action has been moved up to October. Nine players will play down to two on October 28th, and the heads-up battle will take place on October 30th.


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