Wednesday, May 22, 2024


So, its been awhile. Last week sucked. I couldn’t win online at all. I did fine live though. All in all I lost about 2 grand online and made about 1400 live, making it a -$600 for the week. I’m not sure what is happening online and will probably take a break and stick to live. I have found a new venue for me to showcase my “talents”, the Mirage. I’ve played there for about a week playing 20/40 and love it.

Basically I never even checked it out b/c I heard the players were tight and the 15/30 game at the Bellagio was more profitable. Well thats not exactly the case. I really think the match ups I’m facing there gives me a huge edge, moreso than the Bellagio. At the Bellagio there was more “gambling” going on, which seems to make for a better game. Well, while may be true for some, I don’t believe its the case for me. I don’t mind mixing it up and gambling with them sometimes. Then after awhile I think to myself, “What am I doing better than the rest of the table?” A lot of the time the answer was not much.

I basically made my way to the Mirage by meeting slot 428 there and playing 10-20. The game was so tight passive at one point I was seriously considering just raising every single hand. I didn’t make it to that point, but came close. I was raising a lot though and 3 betting a lot out of the blinds and continually making people fold what had to be the best hand. I really like the game and the match ups. These people will actually fold to me, which is essential to my success b/c I tend to open raise and 3 bet a decent amount of hands, not all of which are worthy of the raises.

So I was sitting at a 10-20 table and winning a few hands without showing down and I get dealt 75s in late position and limp in b/c most of the table had also limped in (which is kind of rare there). Well the BB popped it and I 3 bet it once all the limpers called the intial raise. The BB 4 bet it and and a few of in betweens folded and I called. The flop was Q107. The BB bet and everyone that was still in folded besides me. Long story short, I hit another 7 on the river. The whole table went nuts. I heard all the remarks: “That kid has no respect for money”, a very sarcastic “I wish I was that good”, “how could you have that hand for 4 bets preflop”, and so on. Not one person at the table even began to think that maybe it wasn’t that bad of a play that maybe could be a +EV play in the long run. I instantly fell in love. The very next hand I get AA against KK. The guy who held KK was the biggest loudmouth about the previous hand (and he actually might have been the only one not to have any of his money in the pot). So naturally I got paid well.

I was up a little over $500 dollars in less than in hour and they were starting up a 20/40 game. To my surprise 6 of the players from this game were going there. I was estatic and also joined the game. The few other times I played I did decent. The next time I was actually down 1100 at one point (crazy Doug Lee game) and still finished up about 80 bucks. The next time I was down 800 at one point and finshed up $500. Both times I was down it was pretty unlucky set of circumstances and still finshed strong.

So that was it last for last week. Thia week is going to be a lot of the Mirage and maybe no online.


Today I went to the Mirage and only played for about 2 hours as I promised my friend I would go out tonight and got a late start today. Nothing really interesting happened. I pretty much relied on people folding to make my money. The only down side to this is when you actually have a good hand. I was only dealt two premium hands (KK and QQ) and both were UTG where everyone folded to my raise preflop. But you got to take the bad with the good. Had the players not been so eager to fold I probably wouldn’t get away with 3 betting A10 preflop and winning for one bet on the flop or check raising absolutely nothing on the flop and having the opponent fold without even peeling a turn card off.