Friday, March 1, 2024

So, you’ve probably noticed by now the new ads for Indobet88 and Noble Poker. I could go into a long description of how I came to put these up, but long story short is that I let myself be convinced to give their affiliate deal a try for a month, even with knowing that affiliate deals never work for me. So, prove me wrong and click through my ads and sign up so I’m not giving away free advertising, eh?

And the CDPoker ad? Yeah, when I picked it out I was using my own computer with it’s cheap-o monitor and just thought the silhouette of the nude woman was kinda cool. Last night, I was looking at it on my father-in-law’s computer with a slightly better monitor and 19″ of real estate, and threw up a little in my mouth – I could see nipple!

Anyway, I’ll get around to changing it soon. Or, maybe not. Maybe I’ll just keep using the words “Nude” and “Woman” and “Nipple” for search engine optimization purposes. Depends on whether I get click-throughs and sign-ups. You know she’ll go out with you if you play 300 hands on CDPoker, right?*

Publishers and publicists…

I need some pokah books to read. I write some pretty decent reviews about them if you send them to me. I almost never write a review if I have to pay for them. See?

Deadman’s Poker, James Swain

Deadman’s Bluff, James Swain

Take Me To The River, Peter Alson

Swimming With The Devilfish, Des Wilson

I also like pokah strategery books, but I’ve read most of the standard fare already. However, if your author has a new way to play AK in late position after a raise from a tight player, feel free to send it along. Contact me at


I continue to be underemployed, but I like the job. That’s all I’m going to say about that since I let it slip at work about having a blog.


Still playing only sporadically, and only break-even. I consider that to be a small miracle given how little table time I get these days. I’m desperately in need of practice, and find I bore quickly at the tables these days. Having re-learned that bluffing at the $5 SNGs on Party is a BAD THING, sitting and waiting for the right hand in the right position at the right point in the SNG is a snooze-fest. Bubble-play is the only fun part for me.

I’m even getting bored writing about how bored I get. And you’re getting bored reading about it. I can tell.


I’m starting to catch snippets of the WSOP on ESPN, finally. Sad to say, I was horribly busy at work and missed most of the reports (but I did my part in pimping them!). So, I decided I would just skip over them so I can enjoy the broadcasts without knowing the what’s going to happen.

Probably a bad idea. Jamie Gold is really coming across as a tool. To me, anyway. I think his opponents keep going all-in with him because they are trying to get away from the table before committing suicide if they have to listen to his obnoxious ass one more minute. I hope ESPN is just doing this through the magic of editing, because I’d hate to think someone that behaves like that is going to be the “representative” of poker to the public.

I know, I’m sounding like such a dilettante. And, I spelled it right, too. I think.